Gardening Without a Garden

I’ve been flexing my green thumbs for a few years now but ironically, I’ve never really had much of a garden to work with. We’ve moved from rented flat to rented flat and rarely had much more than a balcony.  Not that I let that stop me – I would happily fill a balcony with a variety of potted plants, even a compost bin, and woe betide anyone who wanted to squeeze in a deckchair.

We have a little more space in our current home but there’s still no garden to speak of so when my friend sent me a link for a vegepod I was intrigued.  The long weekend rolled round and we decided that a trip to the garden centre was in order.  We’re very much about trying to “support the little guy” so went on a hunt for local suppliers that weren’t Bunnings.  We ended up at Balcony in Bloom in Brookvale where we not only found our vegepod but all of the soil and plants that we needed to fill it.

Vegepod day 1

Vegepod day 1

My idea of a perfect garden is an edible one.  When I say garden I think what I really mean is a veggie plot.  I have nothing against flowers, but I love the idea of growing my own produce and I can’t give up valuable space to something that can’t be eaten.

Vegepod 2 weeks in

Vegepod 2 weeks in

So we spent a hot Sunday putting together our vegepod, filling it and settling in our new plantlings.  There’s something very satisfying about planting things, nurturing them and watching them grow.  One day we hope to have enough land to have a vegetable patch big enough to put food on the table every night, but for now we’ll settle for growing as much as we can with the space we have.


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