March Against Extinction

On Saturday, Andy and I attended Sydney’s “March Against Extinction.”  Sydney was one of a number of cities participating in a global march for elephants, rhinos and lions.

Each year, thousands of elephants are slaughtered for their tusks so that the ivory can be used to create gifts and trinkets.  Rhinos are killed for their horns in the misguided belief that the horn itself holds healing properties.  And lions are being bred in South Africa so that hunters

can pay to gun them down in what is known as canned hunting.  The number of animals being slaughtered is shocking and if nothing is done to put a stop to this then we’ll see these animals extinct in the wild within the next decade.


As with so many things, it seems the key to making a difference could be education.  We need to stop the demand for these grisly trophies and help people understand where these items are coming from.  I have no doubt that some people simply don’t care, but there must be others who are ignorant of the facts.

We join these marches to help promote awareness, raising our voices for those who cannot.  I don’t know how many people give us a second thought once we’ve walked past.  They see our banners and they hear our chant but does it make a difference?  If just one person takes the message on board then I guess it’s worth it.  We need to spread the word about these atrocities and come together as a community to protect these animals that are being so cruelly targeted.  If we don’t stand up against this disgusting human behaviour then the Earth will lose yet another beautiful species.  And once they’re gone, they’re never coming back.


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