Rally to Ban Live Export

Today we attended the Sydney rally to ban live export.  Organised by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation NSW, the rally brought us together to demand an end to live export.

Animals exported live from Australia are sent to countries where there are no laws to protect them.  Thousands will die in that harrowing journey and those that make it will be subjected to painful and prolonged slaughter.  Live export rules are meant to protect animals, but there are a number of large live export companies that are constantly breaking the law, and worse, getting away with it.  

We joined hundreds of others in Martin Place to listen to the shocking facts about the live export industry and learn more about what we can do to put a stop to it.  As Senator Mark Pearson said, there are three main live export companies in Australia who wield a lot of power but we, the general public, when we come together to speak out against these atrocities, we wield even more.

Most people are outraged when they hear the facts about live export so we need to start conversations, spread the word and keep piling the pressure on the politicians.  The people won’t stand for this kind of barbarism.

Shatha Hamade of Animals Australia has seen firsthand the horror that awaits the animals that are exported from Australia. She gave a stirring and powerful speech that had the crowd calling for action.  Animals Australia have exposed numerous abuses against animals and yet still nothing is done.  The law is being flouted again and again and no one is being held responsible.  Once again big businesses are getting away with murder and all in the name of profit.  As Shatha Hamade pointed out – to exploit vulnerable, sentient beings for the sake of profit is immoral.

Animals Australia are working hard to expose the cruelty and so we must support them by demanding action be taken.  A lone voice might not achieve much but together we are strong and we need to create a chorus so deafening that there will be no option but to put an end to live export.


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