Cruelty Free Festival 2015

On Sunday, the three of us went along to the annual Cruelty Free Festival in Eveleigh.  I went for the first time last year.  I was newly vegetarian and a little bit nervous that I would somehow stand out as a non-vegan.  I also had a stinking cold, which made for a sore nose and a very fuzzy head.  But I really enjoyed the festival and came away feeling informed, and nudged closer to making the step from vegetarianism to veganism.

Cue 2015 and I attended the Cruelty Free Festival as a vegan of about 11 months.  Buddy (our furry companion) was able to join us and we also brought along my vegetarian sister-in-law and our omni friend.  I’m always excited to bring non-vegans to this type of event in the hope that they’ll see what I now see and realise that making a kinder choice doesn’t have to be difficult.


I really like the variety of stands at the Cruelty Free Festival and discovering new cruelty free companies I can buy my everyday items from.  I also like being able to get the facts about different aspects of animal cruelty, and being given the opportunity to sign petitions.  It’s a good mix of vegan living and animal activism.

There’s also something really invigorating about being surrounded by like-minded people.  Being vegan in a non-vegan world can feel a bit lonely sometimes so it was great to see so much passion for the cruelty free lifestyle.  And it was great to be able to hop from stall to stall and know that anything you bought would be cruelty free.  If only it was always that easy.

It was a different experience for me this year but one that I still enjoyed, and I was thrilled that I could share it with some of those who are closest to me.


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