Vegepod Update – Week 5

The vegepod is now in week 5 and things are going really well.  Everything is growing quickly, looking healthy and I’ve even harvested my first batch of basil for cooking.


The tomatoes are dominating the show at the moment and have reached the top of the vegepod.  They’ve started flowering so we expect to see some fruit in the next few weeks.  In the meantime we’ll be pinching off any new shoots to discourage the tomato plants from getting any bigger.  There’s no sign of blight or leaf spot so we’re pretty happy that these fellas are going to do well.

The beetroot and the spring onions are coming along nicely and should be ready for harvest in the next 2-3 weeks.  Our green beans are varying in size but they’re all starting to flower and they all look healthy.  We’ve never grown green beans before so it will be interesting to see how they work out.  So far so good.


We have two chilli plants in the vegepod – a Thai chilli plant and a cayenne chilli plant.  Again, these are both flowering quickly and abundantly so we’ll have a nice crop of those in the coming months.  In that past we’ve found that these chilli plants go through two crop cycles and that the second crop always seems to be spiciest!  We use a lot of chilli in our cooking so these will be a welcome addition to the kitchen.  They also freeze really well!

Our baby spinach is suffering a little bit from being dwarfed by the giant tomato plants.  We’ve also got a slug and snail problem with sizeable bites being chomped from the leaves.  I think if we can sort out the slugs and snails then the baby spinach will be able to pull through.  We’ve recently adjusted our watering schedule to try and deal with this problem, switching from evening watering to early morning watering.  Slugs and snails thrive in damp environments so by watering the plants in the morning (assuming there’s no rain in the day) the soil has a chance to dry out by the time the slugs and snails come out to play.


We have three herbs planted amongst our veggies – sweet basil, thyme and parsley.  We’ve had the parsley for a few years and the transition to the vegepod was no problem.  The thyme is lovely and leafy with no sign of woodiness. It’s also flowering at the moment so adds a nice bit of colour to the sea of green in the vegepod.  The basil also seems to be thriving and has grown very large.  We’ve been pinching out the flowers of this one to help encourage growth.

So that’s the vegepod at week 5.  Everything has grown really quickly, and because of the protective cover we’ve had no problems with possums eating their way through our veg.  We’ve also got no weeds to speak of, which is excellent.  All we need to do now is try and persuade the slugs and the snails that they want to have dinner elsewhere and we’ll be sorted.


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