It’s a Jungle Out There

There’s no stopping the growth in our vegepod at the moment, and we’ve been reaping the rewards in the form of fresh produce.

We’ve started harvesting the green beans, which incidentally made a very nice addition to last night’s dinner.  We have 5 plants and they’re very high yielding.  We try to pick the beans regularly to encourage growth and to prevent the plants from going to seed.  Some went straight into a stir fry and the rest are in the fridge waiting for their chance to step into the culinary spotlight.


The flowers on the tomato plants have developed into actual fruit and the chilli peppers are following suit.  I’ve used so much basil recently, but no matter how much I take the herb just keeps growing.  It’s the plant that keeps on giving!

Tonight we’ve harvested some spring onions for our salad.  They smell divine!  We thought we might pull up some beetroot too but they don’t seem quite ready to make an appearance yet.

The parsley is thriving, and the thyme is flowering and being used regularly in my gravy.

The only plant that has failed is our baby spinach.  We left it too long to pick, and with all the hot weather it’s gone to seed.  It’s a shame but a lesson learnt.  At least they’ll go to a good home in the compost bin.




One comment

  1. Spinach doesn’t like hot weather.


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