Who Needs Cheese Anyway?

We went to Gigi Pizzeria in Newton last night and were treated to some of the finest pizza I’ve ever tasted. The vegan community has been raving about it, so it was top of our list to try, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Whenever we try somewhere new I like to post a review on Trip Advisor. I find it helpful to read about other people’s experiences when deciding on where to eat or stay, and I like to think that others find my reviews helpful too. So of course I hopped on Trip Advisor this morning to give Gigi a glowing review.

What shocked me, reading through some of the other reviews, was how horribly negative people were being about the fact that Gigi had decided to swap to a plant-based menu. Sure everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and of course not everyone would have enjoyed it as much as I did, but the sole focus on attacking the vegan menu seemed fanatical. Who gets fanatical about cheese? (Or a lack thereof)

I’m sensitive about the issue I suppose because it feels like vegans cop a lot of abuse for their “extreme” lifestyles. We choose to eat a delicious vegan pizza while others spit teeth over missing cheese and dead animal toppings, and yet we’re the crazy ones. Some people seem to be so fixated on having some kind of animal-derived product in their meal that their tastebuds become numb to anything solely plant-based. I’ve met people who won’t even consider a vegan restaurant. It’s like they don’t trust it.

If a restaurant doesn’t deliver in terms of service, atmosphere, value or taste then yes, review it accordingly, but don’t attack an establishment just because they choose not to serve animal products. Restaurants like Gigi should be commended for providing top quality, cruelty-free food, not targeted by anti-vegan propaganda.


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