Preparing for Autumn Planting

We’re now deep into Autumn, so on Sunday I spent some time in the garden prepping the vegepod for its next wave of vegetables.

All of the annuals came out – the basil, the chilies, and the tomatoes.  The basil was a monster of a plant all throughout summer, and I was harvesting leaves from it about twice a week.  With the cooler weather it had started to show signs of slowing down, and within the last fortnight there was nothing left for me to pick.  The tomatoes were still producing fruit but failing to ripen, and didn’t have any new growth.  The chilies had also finished flowering, but I still got another eight ripened ones to add to my mounting collection in the freezer.


Buddy “helping” out in the garden

I pulled everything out of the vegepod bar two herbs – the parsley, and the thyme.  I’ve had the parsley for several years now and it just plods along happily without needing too much attention.  Unfortunately the thyme has become very woody and isn’t producing much in the way of leafy herb.  I’ve chopped that right back and will wait to see if I get any new growth in the spring.

We always have two compost heaps on the go – one cooking, and one filling up with kitchen and garden waste.  The one cooking was ready to go and gave me the perfect material with which to prep my soil.  I bucketed it all up and then dug it into the soil of the vegepod.  I also had a bit left over, which was used to top up the pots that contain the lemon tree, the mint, and the rosemary.


A bucket of compost

The timing of the compost has worked out perfectly.  The second bin has just filled up and is ready to start cooking, and the first bin is newly empty and eagerly awaiting scraps.  It’s first offering came in the form of the plants that I’d just pulled out of the vegepod.  I also added some dry leaves, which had been mulched up in the leaf blower.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s essential to have the right balance of wet and dry in your compost.  The second bin was getting a little bit too much from the kitchen so we added some dry leaves to that to help level things out.


The vegepod is prepped for planting

So now the vegepod is empty except for two herbs at either end.  I’ll leave it for a week or two to give the soil time to absorb the nutrients from the compost.  Then we’ll be planting cauliflower seeds.  We’ve never tried to grow cauliflower before so this will be somewhat of an experiment.  It could be wonderful, it could be a disaster, it could be somewhere in between.  Either way, we’ll report on our progress once the seeds go in.


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  1. You could try purple sprouting broccoli too if you had enough room.


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