People avoiding dairy hits worrying levels – but who’s really worried?

There’s an article doing the rounds at the moment claiming that the number of people avoiding dairy has hit “worrying levels.”  Worrying levels for whom?  I’m not worried, I’m pretty sure the cows aren’t worried – my bet would be it’s the dairy industry that’s worried.

The frustrating thing about this article is that it makes the assumption that milk is the best source of calcium and other nutrients.  It also entirely discounts the notion that people who don’t eat dairy might have an inkling of other and better sources of calcium.  Not only that, it claims that many people cut out dairy because of fad diets and celebrity trends.  There’s not one mention of the health risks associated with dairy or the cruel industry standards; actual solid reasons as to why a person may choose to seek out dairy-free alternatives.  Apparently we’re all mindless lemmings.

Milk and other dairy products are marketed at us as “the best source of this” and the “best source of that” by the dairy companies because they want to make money.  It always comes down to money.  It’s propaganda.  I’m not saying that dairy products don’t contain valuable nutrients, I’m saying that there are better and healthier alternatives.  You can get your calcium, your protein, etc., from other food sources that don’t support an industry that perpetuates animal cruelty and destroys the environment.

We shouldn’t be worried that more people are avoiding dairy, we should be celebrating the fact that people are opening their minds to alternatives.  I’m sure there are people who give up dairy for the “wrong reasons”, and people who are calcium deficient and not getting the right nutrients.  Equally, I think there are people out there with high cholesterol and problems with obesity because they consume too much dairy.  We could probably all do with a bit more education when it comes to nutrition instead of scaremongering tactics from the dairy industry that try to make us believe that milk, cheese and yoghurt are essential to our dietary needs.  They’re not.


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