March for the Murdered Millions

I’ve just returned from the March for the Murdered Millions – a tribute to all the greyhounds who lost their lives in a cruel industry, and a show of support for Mike Baird’s plan to legislate an end to greyhound racing in NSW.

After a special commission of inquiry proved the cruelty inherent in the greyhound racing industry, a ban seemed to be the logical outcome.  But that hasn’t stopped others from speaking out against the ban, with Labour leader Luke Foley moving to oppose the legislation.  And of course those who work within the industry have spoken up in defence of the greyhound racing business.

There have been outrageous claims that live baiting scandal was the result of “a few bad apples.”  The commission found that it was firmly enmeshed in the industry.  And it’s not just live baiting.  Thousands of greyhounds are killed each year simply because they’re not fast enough.  If they can’t make money then they’re deemed useless, and thrown on the scrapheap.  Those opposed to the ban have argued that even more greyhounds will be killed if the industry is shut down, but as the public are made aware of the cruelty these beautiful dogs are enduring, adoption rates have been soaring.


Greyhound racing is cruel.  Dogs are bred into a life where they’re forced to race until exhaustion, often injuring themselves, before being killed once they’re no longer profitable.  Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend but greyhounds are treated as nothing more than objects of entertainment for money-making and gambling.

There is no place in modern society for this kind of barbaric behaviour.  It’s essential that we keep the momentum going to ensure that this legislation passes.  There’s a petition you can sign to show that you support an end to this cruel industry.  Greyhounds deserve so much more from us, and we’re on the verge of winning the fight for them.  We need to back Mike Baird, and we need to back the ban!


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