Yeah, but what about the Inuits?

I think nearly every vegan out there has come up against some sort of argument against their lifestyle choice.  From being questioned about where you get your protein, to being berated for flouting tradition, there’s always someone who wants to try and persuade you that what you’re doing (or not doing) is somehow wrong.  The thing that I find frustrating is the complete lack of responsibility for being part of the larger machine that contributes towards animal cruelty.

I’ve been told several times, by different people, that we have no right to dictate to those living in remote areas of the world that they can’t hunt and fish to survive.  Honestly, how do we expect the Inuits to live!  The Inuit argument has been thrown my way on several occasions.  But unless you’re out there catching and killing your own food because there’s no other option to ensure your survival then I don’t see your point.

A popular vegan mantra is to ask this – if you can live happily and healthily without causing harm to others, why wouldn’t you do it?  I accept that there are people in this world who have no other option but to hunt and kill for their own survival, but what about you living in Sydney, earning a decent wage, surrounded by options?  What’s your excuse? You can’t use the Inuit argument when you’re going down to your local supermarket and buying neatly packaged body parts labelled as pork and beef.  You can’t use that argument if you’re buying so-called ethically sourced meat from your local farmer’s market.  You can’t use that argument if you raised your own pig, and then slaughtered it yourself.  Not if you have access to other options.  Because you don’t need that animal to survive.

If you can live happily and healthily without causing harm to others, why wouldn’t you do it?

There’s apparently a huge amount of concern for the wellbeing of people in the wilderness who are being unfairly targeted by vegans who want them to starve to death.  Never mind the millions of people on this Earth who dying of malnutrition despite the fact that we produce enough food to feed 10 – 11 billion people.  The problem?  Over 30% of what we harvest is fed to livestock so that we can produce meat and animal products for the wealthy.

You ask me about the people who need meat to survive.  But let me ask you, what about the people who need you not to eat meat to survive?  And what about the billions of animals who have short, miserable lives before being slaughtered in the name of need, in the name of tradition, in the name of greed.

Talk to someone about why they continue to eat meat and you get bombarded with buts.  Yeah, but I need meat to be healthy.  Yeah, but we’ve always eaten meat.  Yeah, but what about my right to eat what I want.  It’s just excuses.  What about the 56 billion (yes, billion) animals that are killed each year?  That’s a staggering figure.  It’s unfathomable.  What kind of society have we become where this can be normal?

The demand for meat and animal products is guzzling precious water and land, is destroying our environment, and is seeing those poorer than us starve.  Despite the propaganda that’s fed to us by the meat and dairy industry, animals have become nothing more than mass produced products for our consumption with no care or thought given to the fact that these creatures have a right to dignity, a right to safety, and a right to life.

I don’t have a massive problem with the relatively few people out there who are killing their own meat for survival.  What I do have a problem with is the complete failure of others to acknowledge they’re complicit in a mass factory operation that’s slaughtering billions.

It’s too easy to deflect attention away from the argument for Veganism with scenarios that don’t apply to your situation.  Look at your own choices and acknowledge that if you have the facts about the agricultural industry, if you’re not struggling to survive, then your reason to continue eating meat is one of pure selfish gain.


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