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Paleo in the Spotlight

Apparently the paleo diet is now bad for you. A report came out this week claiming that it can cause an increase in weight of 15% in a short period of time. Well, I can’t say I’m that fussed. Any diet is bad for you if done incorrectly, without proper care or at least a passing interest that […]

No Excuse for Animal Abuse

Yesterday, I took part in my first circus demonstration. In fact it was my first time protesting at the location of the organisation or practice that was the subject of our attention. I prepared myself for the event by doing the usual – reading up on problems within the industry. I also managed to watch […]

Let’s talk about McDonald’s

For a while now, and from a distance, I’ve watched vegans getting equally outraged or defensive over the other’s decision about whether or not to eat at McDonald’s. When I went vegan (and even vegetarian for that matter) I stopped buying McDonald’s food for the simple reason that I didn’t like the food. It wasn’t […]

Another 1 Down, 7 Billion to Go!

[In this post, I talk about “Cowspiracy”, which is available to view for free if you have Netflix or online at] I had some very pleasing news a couple of days ago – and I’m not the most expressive of people but it really made me leap around inside like I’d just knocked out Floyd […]

Not the Melbourne Cup

With Melbourne Cup on us today, I thought I would jot a couple of thoughts on the matter. The whole industry is rife with animal cruelty. It is money led, which means that perfectly healthy (and some not so healthy, but fit to live a happy life) creatures, apparently loved by the industry, are referred […]

Everyone’s a Critic

Critics hey? Who cares what they say anyway. Most people, I suspect. Although aren’t we all critics? We might not do it publicly, but we all pass judgement whether it be watching a film, looking at modern art or on a night out at a restaurant. Today I read a review of a restaurant that […]

Start a Conversation, Not a Fight

Monday mornings eh? As if they aren’t hard enough. Waking up to social media (mine at least) going guns blazing and seeing the Today Breakfast Show was at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast definitely wasn’t a positive start to another week. Now I’m not a regular viewer, in fact I actively avoid the show because […]

Animal Activist Forum – Melbourne 2015

This was my second time attending the Animal Activists Forum. I first attended in Sydney last year and it marks a massive point in my life – October 18th 2014 (forum day one last year) was the first day I went 100% vegan. I chose to go last year because I’d felt for a long […]

Animal Activists Forum – Day of Activism

On what was a gloriously sunny day in Melbourne, the pre-forum day of activism was a great way to meet some new faces and catch up with familiar ones, but more importantly come together to raise awareness. My first port of call was on Bourke Street to join the ‘Tear at the Jacket’ vivisection rally […]