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News from the Vegepod – Spring 2016

Mystery plants, garden pests, and general thoughts from the gardeners without a garden. The vegepod update, Spring 2016.

Preparing for Autumn Planting

We’re now deep into Autumn, so on Sunday I spent some time in the garden prepping the vegepod for its next wave of vegetables. All of the annuals came out – the basil, the chilies, and the tomatoes.  The basil was a monster of a plant all throughout summer, and I was harvesting leaves from […]

Black Gold

As part of our efforts to try and lead a more sustainable lifestyle we invested in a compost bin for our little garden.  There’s something incredibly satisfying about growing your own produce, composting the waste, and then eventually returning that compost back to the soil.  Everything we harvest is used in some form.  It’s a […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

There’s no stopping the growth in our vegepod at the moment, and we’ve been reaping the rewards in the form of fresh produce. We’ve started harvesting the green beans, which incidentally made a very nice addition to last night’s dinner.  We have 5 plants and they’re very high yielding.  We try to pick the beans […]

Vegepod Update – Week 5

The vegepod is now in week 5 and things are going really well.  Everything is growing quickly, looking healthy and I’ve even harvested my first batch of basil for cooking. The tomatoes are dominating the show at the moment and have reached the top of the vegepod.  They’ve started flowering so we expect to see […]

Gardening Without a Garden

I’ve been flexing my green thumbs for a few years now but ironically, I’ve never really had much of a garden to work with. We’ve moved from rented flat to rented flat and rarely had much more than a balcony.  Not that I let that stop me – I would happily fill a balcony with a […]