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The beef goes moo

We seem to upset the omnivores not only with the things we choose not to eat, but also the things we do choose to eat. More specifically, how dare we label something cheese when it’s quite clearly not cheese. And what on earth are we thinking creating chicken substitutes. People are genuinely angry about these kinds of things, and I find it baffling.

I’m not an extremist

Vegans are labelled as extremists because our values differ to what society tells us is normal. Ipso facto we’re not normal, which in turn makes us extreme. Not only do we shun traditional norms, we also want to force these values on others, and lure them to the dark and devious world of vegans where seitan rules all. We’re definitely not to be trusted.

Yeah, but what about the Inuits?

I think nearly every vegan out there has come up against some sort of argument against their lifestyle choice.  From being questioned about where you get your protein, to being berated for flouting tradition, there’s always someone who wants to try and persuade you that what you’re doing (or not doing) is somehow wrong.  The […]

Plastic, plastic, everywhere

It’s impossible to get away from it – plastic is absolutely everywhere.  Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic take-away containers, plastic packaging, even plastic wrapped vegetables.  Plastic has infiltrated society.  It’s also infiltrated our oceans.  There’s an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris floating around in the sea, with this number only expected to rise.  […]

What’s the Difference?

There’s been outrage across the world over the revelation that an amusement park in Japan froze thousands of fish and other sea creatures under its ice rink.  The idea was to create the illusion that the fish were swimming underneath the ice, but this grim attraction prompted an immediate backlash from the public with people […]

News from the Vegepod – Spring 2016

Mystery plants, garden pests, and general thoughts from the gardeners without a garden. The vegepod update, Spring 2016.

Ethical Tourism

Being vegan is about more than just what you choose to eat.  It’s a lifestyle choice that is reflected in the decisions you make on a daily basis.  It’s what you wear.  It’s what you use.  It’s what you participate in. A recent trip to India got me thinking about the way animals are used […]

There’s No Such Thing as Ethically Sourced Meat

Ethically sourced meat is an oxymoron. There is nothing ethical about killing something that doesn’t want to die. There is nothing ethical about killing something simply because you like the taste of meat. We do not need meat to survive. We do not need meat to be healthy. Ethically sourced meat is a myth. It doesn’t exist. Because there is nothing ethical about eating another living creature simply to satisfy your own taste buds.

Japan Dolphins Day

Every year in Taiji, Japan, migrating dolphins are herded into a cove. The best looking ones are captured to be sold to aquariums and dolphin shows. The rest are brutally slaughtered. This barbaric practice needs to end now!

March for the Murdered Millions

I’ve just returned from the March for the Murdered Millions – a tribute to all the greyhounds who lost their lives in a cruel industry, and a show of support for Mike Baird’s plan to legislate an end to greyhound racing in NSW. After a special commission of inquiry proved the cruelty inherent in the greyhound […]