Being vegan is about more than just what you choose to eat.  It’s a lifestyle choice that is reflected in the decisions you make on a daily basis.  It’s what you wear.  It’s what you use.  It’s what you participate in. A recent trip to India got me thinking about the way animals are used […]

We are now a completely vegan household.  There’s no meat or dairy in our kitchen, our household products and cosmetics are cruelty-free, our pillows and duvets are vegan-friendly (not a feather in sight), and our wardrobes have been purged of any leather items. Veganism isn’t just about what you eat – it’s a way of […]

Ethically sourced meat is an oxymoron. There is nothing ethical about killing something that doesn’t want to die. There is nothing ethical about killing something simply because you like the taste of meat. We do not need meat to survive. We do not need meat to be healthy. Ethically sourced meat is a myth. It doesn’t exist. Because there is nothing ethical about eating another living creature simply to satisfy your own taste buds.

Every year in Taiji, Japan, migrating dolphins are herded into a cove. The best looking ones are captured to be sold to aquariums and dolphin shows. The rest are brutally slaughtered. This barbaric practice needs to end now!

I’ve just returned from the March for the Murdered Millions – a tribute to all the greyhounds who lost their lives in a cruel industry, and a show of support for Mike Baird’s plan to legislate an end to greyhound racing in NSW. After a special commission of inquiry proved the cruelty inherent in the greyhound […]

I stumbled across an online argument the other day about whether or not vegans should be buying products from non-vegan companies.  Products that are “accidentally vegan” – i.e. they don’t contain animal products, are not tested on animals, but are not intentionally designed to be a vegan product. Personally, I try really hard to support […]

There have been some sad stories in the news recently about human lives being lost to animal attacks.  A young surfer in Western Australia died after being bitten by a shark, and shortly thereafter a diver was killed after being mauled by what was thought to be a Great White.  Even more recently, a toddler […]

(Serves 4) Who doesn’t love a lasgne.  It’s a delicious winter warmer, can be made ahead of time, and the leftovers are easily frozen for a quick mid-week dinner.  This particular recipe comes courtesy of my dad, and has been tried and tested (several times) by me and Andy.  Not only is this recipe super […]

There’s an article doing the rounds at the moment claiming that the number of people avoiding dairy has hit “worrying levels.”  Worrying levels for whom?  I’m not worried, I’m pretty sure the cows aren’t worried – my bet would be it’s the dairy industry that’s worried. The frustrating thing about this article is that it […]

It seems to me that for every protest, there is a counter-protest.  And I suppose that makes sense because if there’s a need to protest then it means you’re standing up against a group or regime that have ideas strongly different from your own.  And when two groups have strongly different ideas then there is […]